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'I wake up everyday

with a burning desire

to open minds to 


I go to bed, knowing

I have made impact!'

From the desk of Antoine Joseph.


Dear Friend,


If you want to generate automated sales, this will be the most important page you'll ever read.

But first, my story...

It was summer 2013 and after searching for a legitimate online business to explore, I met, on a webinar, a guy named Frank.


At the end of that webinar Frank made an offer that really excited me.He offered to build and sell a Viral List Building website for a cost of $1,000. A simple site where members would place ads to their (mostly affiliate) offers.This sounded easy, I thought. Sadly I did not have the  money.


Still, I was determined to claim my own list-building site. Next day I boldly emailed Frank begging for a payment plan, promising that I'd work my ass off if he was kind enough to work something out with me.


Here is his actual reply:

No ask, No get...

Works for me..... You never know if you don't ask eh? lol!


Fast forward December 2013, payment complete and my site was about to be launched! The only 2 members in the prelaunch was Frank and I.


After some instruction from Frank, I had a few JV partners on board. Given that I had zero experience in this doubt was creeping in, as I wondered if the $1,000 sacrifice was a smart idea.


Soon launch day came, I opened the doors to the site and like magic (it was to me anyways!) people were signing up,... and paying! Within a week I was over the 1,000 subscriber mark with over $2,000 in my paypal account.


After adding a One-time-offer (OTO) along with an improved email sequence, as instructed by Frank, the next few months saw me adding a fresh $3,000+ to my bottom line.


Here is a snippet of those exact juicy OTO emails:


Due to that experience, I labeled myself a 'list-builder'. Excited, I continued adding subscribers and within a few month grew a separate personal subscriber list of over 10,000. I would promote mainly affiliate offers to this new list and sell solo ads.

That big list, though, did not pull in average sales even close to the earlier smaller list. I began to realize that 'Know, Like, and Trust' was important elements to the mix and there is a way to use email to indoctrinate, persuade and build long lasting relationships with people.

From that point on, I was determined to share my List Building insight and strategies, knowing that an email list was the most transformational asset that a company can have in its marketing arsenal.

Antoine Joseph - List building Workshop - Ontario Canada

An Email Address Is A Real Person

I quickly realized that just like in face-to-face interactions, email marketing is an extremely powerful weapon of communication and relationship building. You have the ability to make a strong first impression, bond with your subscriber and stand out in their minds. You can overcome objections, educate them, even entertain them, and most importantly - have them begging to buy your stuff. And finally, automate the entire process!

Email is Here To stay

At least for the next decade, email marketing will be the predominant form of connecting with large volumes of prospects and building a marketing asset for your business. Your email list is a literal cash machine and 'land' that you own.


Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other social media platforms are great traffic sources but you can be cut off from those at a moment's notice. It ain't your land, buddy.


Think! You must first own an email address as a condition to having an account on any social media platform. As of this writing, there are over 6 billion active email accounts worldwide.. and growing. And you thought Facebook's 2.2 billion users was a thing?


You've Read This Far, So Here's My Gift To You

One of the cool things I do for my subscribers is surprising them from time to time with high value freebies. And today do I have and awesome gift for YOU!


This is a loaded Cheatsheet that reveals persuasive selling techniques that I often use when sending out email. Exact approaches you can use right now to have people respond to your offers. You will have in your hands the power to use email to get attention, build desire and generate automated sales.


This is my way of giving you a head start on email marketing, so you can build your own Cash machine and permanent asset for any type of business that you own.


Here's What To Do Next

Visit the big green button below and grab this download.


Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to speaking with you soon.





P.S. The best day to build a List was  yesterday.. The next best day is today. 


Antoine Joseph has become an in-demand digital entrepreneur, who spends half of his day with students and the other building several businesses online - His two greatest passions.


Antoine's online journey began in 2013, when he built a list from 0 to over 2,000 within a matter of weeks, generating a few thousand $ in the process. This made him not only realise that anyone can create an online business, but that email marketing can make for a deadly deceptive powerful cash machine.


That exact campaign has inspired many first time marketers. Feel free to read the full story below:

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